Trip to Chiangmai, Thailand

So excited bila first time dpt menjejakkan kaki kat Thailand! We went to Maesa Elephant Camp – tunggang gajah, tgk gegajah main bola, melukis, buat massage & macam2 lagi. Apart from that, we also went to Orchid Farm, night market… dan tak lupa try Thai massage! Mcm nak patah riuk tulang dibuatnye..
Melihat adegan porno gajah sedang mandi.
Menunggang gajah dan feeling2 jadi Maharaja Siam!
Artwork derang mmg class.
These are made from real butterflies – Chiangmai Orchid Farm.

Dreams are free. So keep on dreaming. I am a dreamer. Love food and travelling. Can't live without music. And a joker most of the time.

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