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Hello there! Takde apa nak update kali ni. Vlog pun tak habis edit lagi. Just nak share one of my favorite song taken from Amr Diab’s latest album. Sedap lagu ni. Selamat mendengar!

يتعلموا يتعلموا
من الرقة دي يتعلموا
شوف هما فين وحبيبي فين
ماشافوش كده ولا يحلموا

اللي عنده ضحكة زي ديا
واللي لون عيونه مش عادية
يجيي هنا جانبي يجيي ليا
أحكيله أللي شفته أنا بعنيا

أموت أموت
في الضحكة دي
أموت أموت
في النظرة دي

الله الله الله
عيني عليه

يتعلموا ويقلدوا
ده مش بعيد يتعقدوا
جماله بيزيد كل يوم
عن حضني عمري ما هبعده

اللي عدا عدا عدا عدا
الجمال ده شوفته مرة واحدة
عيني عيني عيني عيني باردة
عاللي خلى قلبي ناره تهدى

English translation:

They learn .. They learn
From her Tenderness they learn
See where they are, and where my love is !
They didn’t see this before, and they don’t even dream of it !

Whoever has a laugh like this !
Whoever has extra ordinary eye color !
They yome here next to me, Come to me
I tell them what I have seen with my own eyes.

I die ! I die !
about this laugh (her laugh kills me)
I die ! I die !
about this look (her eye look kills me)

Oh God ! Oh God ! My eyes are fixated on her.

They learn, they try to mimic her
They would fail and get depressed
Her beauty increases every day
I will never let her away from my arms !

She surpassed everyone
This beauty, I’ve seen it only once !
My eyes, My eyes are cold (not to envy her)!
on her who calmed the fire in my heart !

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